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5 genius hacks to make any wedding celebration a breeze

Two people raising glasses in front of palm trees, celebrating with drinks.

It’s one of the biggest days of your life, and planning your wedding for the most part is fun! You get to create your vision boards, and bring your wildest dreams to life, often the sky can feel like the limit, and if your budget allows – perhaps that can be true! But for many of us, we’re striving to achieve the wedding we’ve always dreamed of, within our budget – and in a way that causes the least amount of stress possible.

So how do we make planning a wedding – and the execution of your wedding day a breeze? It’s all about finding ways to streamline the process, achieve your result faster – and most importantly, take the stress away from you!

We’ve come up with five genius hacks to make planning any wedding celebration a total breeze!

1. Serve the fanciest, most delicious drinks – no bartender necessary!

One of the best and most delicious hacks you’ll come across, is the cheat’s way to serve world-class cocktails without the hassle of measuring, pouring, mixing and shaking! Mr Consistent cocktails are the answer, as everything you need to make a top-quality cocktail is found – perfectly balanced – in the bottle, ready to be mixed with some alcohol of your choice.

The thing that makes Mr Consistent so great, is the fact that “Mr. Consistent prides themselves on using their Australia First Sourcing Policy when procuring high quality ingredients for their premium cocktail mixers – and make the tastiest cocktails!

So, which one to choose?

Well, the Mr Consistent Cocktail Mixer range is vast to say the least! Their best-seller without a doubt is the Classic Margarita – and margarita lovers can now enjoy a Mr Consistent Coconut Margarita, Chilli Margarita and even Waterboy (which is a Watermelon & strawberry margarita)!

If you’re looking for something a little different, the Espresso Martini Cocktail Mixer may be more for you, or perhaps the Sours, Lychee Martini, or Bloody Mary Mixer!

How would you serve Mr Consistent cocktails at a wedding event?

Mr Consistent Cocktail Mixers give new meaning to a wedding’s ‘cocktail hour’ – and are even easily served from the bar at any wedding venue. If you’re on the hunt for a ‘signature drink’ to serve during your reception, there is literally no easier (or more delicious) option!

These cocktail mixers are also a great option for Hen’s and Buck’s events, as well as bridal showers, and engagement parties. The sky’s the limit, and with a huge flavour wardrobe, you’re able to thoroughly mix up the offering for each event… pardon the pun!

2. Secure an on-the-day event coordinator

Often a full-on wedding planner can be out of budget, and in a do-it-yourself era, most of us feel we can take on the wedding planning ourselves. However, there’s nothing quite like knowing that your responsibilities have been taken care of on your big day. Securing an on-the-day event coordinator is a simple way to ensure things run smoothly, without you having to know anything about it. It’s as simple as handing them a run sheet and a list of contact details, and they’ll be off and running! It means you get to be a bride – or a groom – and get a day off from being a wedding planner. Hallelujah!

Plus, an on-the-day wedding coordinator is a fraction of the cost of a full on wedding planner, so it’s better for the hip pocket, too!

3. Hire all of your styling and furniture

Recently there’s been an emergence in the wedding and general events industry of furniture and styling businesses that can help you achieve a theme with ease. These businesses allow you to hire everything you need to achieve a look and feel you’re after, with things that you may have never even considered, like napery, umbrellas, cutlery – and even vases and centrepieces!

Plus they cover the big stuff, like cocktail hour lounges, wedding tables and chairs, umbrellas, and anything else you need to achieve the atmosphere and vision you always dreamed of.

4. Get yourself an excellent wedding planning spreadsheet

Keeping on top of your wedding expenses is integral if you want to ensure you don’t get any nasty surprises just before your wedding day. Entering your quotes and your payments will help you get an overall picture of where you’re at budget wise, and where you need to pull back. Plus, a pre-filled wedding planner means you can be made aware of anything you may have forgotten ahead of time, so you’re not left scrambling for extra funds as your wedding approaches.

5. Roll in the food trucks!

Not only are they so cool at any wedding event, but food trucks take a lot of the hassle out of catering for your guests. For engagement parties, hens and bucks celebrations – as well as wedding receptions, food trucks provide a kitchen on wheels. And as they’re a lot kinder to the budget than some of the chef prepared dining options you’ll traditionally find at weddings, you may even be able to offer two types of food options. Variety is the spice of life after all!

A food truck means that your guests can take the catering into their own hands, and score the food they want, when they want it, making the whole event a little more fluid and a lot easier for you!

Bonus tip: start a new email address for all wedding-related quotes and email correspondence, so you’ll never lose what you’re looking for.

To find even more wedding beauty inspiration and vendors, be sure to head to the One Fine Day Directory.

Hero image via Mr Consistent.

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