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The 5 Floral Wedding Trends We’re Loving for 2024

A vibrant bouquet of flowers displayed in a vase, showcasing a beautiful array of colors and floral varieties.

Planning a wedding is one of those exercises that allows you to think back to your wildest dreams when you considered what your wedding day might one day look like. You no doubt had a concept of how you wanted your big day to look – even if you hadn’t quite found the right partner yet!

Within that mental picture, or Pinterest board, no doubt flowers made up a large part of the overall picture. Because that’s the power of flowers. They can accentuate your theme, compliment your colour palette and even lift the whole atmosphere of an event. So we thought we’d consult celebrated Melbourne florist, Flowers By Varu to bring you 5 of the most exciting floral wedding trends for 2024:

Here are 5 of the best wedding floral trends for 2024:


Bold centrepieces

It’s all about edging away from tradition in 2024! We spoke to the experts at Flowers By Varu to find out what kind of centrepieces their clients are opting for.

“We have noticed our clients have been stepping away from the traditional looking green and white romantic centerpieces, and opting for something more minimalistic, modern and different, which still has a luxurious feel and an impactful impression on guests.”


Big pops of colour!

Say goodbye to the neutrals you’re used to seeing in bouquets and table arrangements at receptions and ceremonies! This year it’s all about bright, bold colours according to Flowers By Varu…

“Some of our clients over the past year have really stepped away from the traditions of green and white, all white or a ‘touch of pink’ colour palettes and have opted for full colour. The Jewel colour tone has been the brief for a number of our clients and we have even done full colour, bright and bold colours. It’s been fun!”


Mixing textures

In 2024 it’s about taking something we have always known and looking at it differently. This is where texture comes into play!

“Different textures has always been a favourite for us as florists and stylists, we love to include it. Our clients have been requesting it more frequently lately and stepping away from fluffy peonies and structured roses. Reflexed roses has been a hit for a number of years and we have our own style of reflexing which our clients love.”


Abstract style

Take a theme and run with it! It’s all about fun in 2024! Weddings don’t need to look wedding-y. In fact, they can have the best parts of a party on the best day of your life!

“Couples are taking risks and having fun with their big day and how they would like it to look. The inclusion of disco balls and sequin backdrops has been highly sought after and really adds to the fun element people can have with their day.”


Bold Pocket features

Seems like the boys are joining in on the fun, too!

“Boys are having fun with their boutonnieres. From bold colours to a full lapel and over the shoulder piece. We have even been asked to provide a pocket square floral piece, which is almost like a posy of flowers made to fit flat in the pocket square of a suit, instead of the traditional handkerchief.”

To find even more about Flowers by Varu, visit them at One Fine Day Wedding Fair Melbourne. 

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